Welcome to Scooters Pals

Welcome to Scooter's Sanctuary!

Here you will learn more about this unique program and about the dogs who live peacefully because of the program.

At times, we rescue a dog that turns out to be unadoptable or is unusually slow to find a fitting home. Some rescues silently put these dogs down or return them to the shelter they came from, where they are quickly and quietly put down. These dogs have nothing wrong with them other than a minor illness, a manageable defect like a missing limb, or declining sight or hearing.

These are our Sanctuary dogs.

Our Sanctuary dogs are happy and healthy and not terminally sick. They do not deserve to die and Scooter's Pals will never choose that "solution."

We have had in our care dogs with Addisons's disease that was undiscovered until they'd been in foster care for some time. We have a dog that is incontinent but only in the coldest winter months. We have another lovely dog that would have found a home immediately if he could get in a vehicle without projectile-vomiting — yes, we've tried meds.

It is unlikely they will ever find a good-fit home due to their medical or physical challenges. Many are older now. They deserve basic vet care to keep them comfortable and to live in a home where they are loved. And while they don't need a lot of vet care, they still do require ongoing funding for their basic needs.

Please take a look at what it costs annually to fund this program.

Why support our Sanctuary Program?

The Sanctuary Program is a modest but vital part of our commitment to save dogs' lives. We recognize we cannot save them all, but we can and must do our best for those we take on to help.

We need your help to do that.

If everyone who read this were to donate just $25 a month, that would provide the necessary ongoing care for all of our Sanctuary dogs and more. Our monthly donation option is a great way for you to help.

Scooter's Pals is an all-volunteer organization. We raise funds only for the animals, to help us cover their expenses.No one is paid a salary. There are no benefits, no frills, no personal expenses.

PLEASE HELP US by donating to our cause. You ca do so on our You Caring Fundraiser Page, by the Pay Pal link below or by mailing a check to:

Scooter's Pals
PO BOX 1687
Cedar Ridge, California 95946

Meet a few dogs in our Sanctuary Program

My name is Russell. I am a normal dog and would be able to find a forever home but I have this indelicate problem with my bladder control when the weather gets cold. I live with my Guardian angel Foster mom and she is just the best. Who else would put up with me peeing in my dog bed in the dead of night during the coldest months of the year? Everyone at Scooter's love me no matter my issues and I am a great dog if I do say so myself. I love all dogs and people and am so grateful to not have been thought of as a burden and to know that I am loved.