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Mother Lode Veterinary Hospital
11509 La Barr Meadows Road Grass Valley, CA 95949 http://motherlodevet.com/ (530) 272-6651

For 24 hour high quality and reasonable animal care
please call: Marqueen Animal Clinic
9205 Sierra College Blvd., Suite 120; Roseville, CA 95661
(916) 757-6600 ww.marqueenanimalclinic.com

New Parvo Treatment Protocol

Rental info and advice:
Zillow Rentals - can search for pet friendly: Click Here!
Pet Friendly Rentals: Click Here
Pit Bull Friendly Rentals: Click Here
More Pet Friendly Rentals/Sacramento/More (Rentlingo.com): Click Here
Even More Pet Friendly Rentals: http://apartmentlist.com/
FPI Management, http://www.fpimgt.com (916)357-5300, advertises pet friendly apartments, most of which are large breeds friendly :
Adora in Roseville, large breeds welcome, (916)387-4266
Pearl Creek in Roseville, large breeds welcome, (916) 243-6711
Lake Point in Elk Grove, (916) 226-4284
Capitol Towers in Sacramento , large breeds welcome, (916) 538-7424
Somerfield at Lakeside in Elk Grove, (916)385-0715
Fremont Mews, in Sacramento, large breeds welcome, (916) 245-8723
1801 L Street, Sacramento , large breeds welcome (916) 229-6947

Advice to anyone seeking a rental that allows pets are :
(1) make damn sure your pet acceptance is IN THE LEASE and if it's a large dog make sure that "large dog" and/or breed name is in the lease (2) when applying be sure to let them know about training titles your dog has. Get a Canine Good Citizen on your dog and educate management as to this being a test of the dog being well behaved.
(3) let management know your pet is S/N and locally licensed and UTD on vaccinations.
(4) if your pet is legitimately a Disability Assistance Dog, let management know that, and have a copy of the Americans With Disabilities Act section on that with you to show them. (5) if necessary, offer an added Security Deposit equal to 1 month rent (or less), but bargain for this to be refunded after 6 months if the pet has not caused any problems. any apt that advertises as "pet friendly" should not require this, but with those not so offering , it might be a decision maker.
Of course once you are a tenant, be a model tenant who is a delight to management. pay your rent on time, don't make any trouble, don't let your pet make any trouble. be courteous to other tenants (even ones who are PITAs) and especially respect any who may be afraid of dogs by detouring around them.

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House Breaking: Click Here
Destructive Chewing: Click Here
Separation Anxiety: Click Here
Stopping Dog Aggression: Click Here
Should you get a dog? What is the benefit to the dog? Click Here
Excessive Barking: Click Here
Animal Attorney: Legal Help: Click Here
How to best introduce dogs to one another: Click Here
Information: Dogs and Kids: Click Here
How to train a rescue dog (ehow.com): Click Here

PetMeds has a wonderful donations program:
Click here for pet meds

Recommended Vaccine Video:
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Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release (WRR).
WRR Intake Center
799 Maltman Drive
Grass Valley, CA 95945

Recommended Allergy Video:
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Recommended Dog Trainers:

John Garcia

Best Friends Pet Resort - Patterson, CA Website-Click Here!
Augusta Farley CKO CPDT-KA, 209-892-3114, augusta@ducielrouge.com

Einhorn Insurance will be happy to help you with home, condo, renter or liability insurance with a Pit Bull, Rottweiler, doberman, Akita, Shepherd...etc. They don't breed discriminate and insure responsible owners of all dog breeds. Please mention Scooter's Pals Rescue and for every policy you buy with Einhorn Insurance, they will donate $20. Contact Einhorn Insurance by phone 858-336-4644, Agent@EinhornInsurance.com or visit www.EinhornInsurance.com

Articles About Dog Food
Go to this link and see the article links under More Dog Food at the bottom of the page: Click Here!

Here is an article about what to look for in dog foods: Click Here!

Pet Resort    
Pet Resort Elite Kennels
Chows Plus Bubbles and Bows Pet Salon
Chows Plus ResQPet
Newdawn Rescue Sammie's Friends
Sacramento Independent Animal Rescuers Bound Angels
Full Spectrum Internet Services (530) 272-4020 Adopt A Chow Los Angeles